indecent exposure

iNDeCeNT ExPoSuRe was formed from a railwarz draft pick around November 2014.

superb and Fatal[KiD] were the captains who drafted the squad.

During the draft we acquired vap, housefly, greenz, BlueFish, LegioN, LegacY, Slayer,  and Targe+ ..

]iE[ dominated and proved to be the winner of the 2014 RailWaRZ CUP!

Since then our roster has slightly changed but we have most of our originals that we started with, As well as a few new additions that we picked up along our journey. We have learned to play well together over the past year and we really enjoy playing competitive games. That is the main reason why we are “here” and that “here” even exists! We are happy to see new teams formed and anxiously await the challenges for some scrims to keep our teamwork skills up to date.


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rage quit -vs- indecent exposure

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